Academic Quality

LCCM is a private higher education college and an approved institution of The Open University. Governance of the college is defined by:

  • the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) UK Quality Code
  • the OU Academic Regulations
  • an Independent Board of Governors in line with the Committee of University Chairs (CUC) Higher Education Code of Governance.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors have ultimate legal responsibility for LCCM including compliance with UK company law and all other relevant laws, regulations and codes of practice.  There are a minimum of three members. The current membership is:

  • Paul Brereton (Chair)
  • Keith Bartlett
  • Kathy O’Brien
  • Stuart Bartram

The Board of Governors delegates responsibility to two decision-making stems. The academic stem is led by the Academic Board. Organisational matters are led by the Strategic Management Group with operational oversight via the Senior Management Team.

Academic Governance

1 Academic Board

The Academic Board is responsible for teaching, learning and assessment at LCCM. It ensures the College’s programmes meet academic standards and are monitored and enhanced systematically.  The membership is detailed below:

  • Keith Bartlett (Chair)
  • David Cunningham (acting Director of Teaching and Learning)
  • Pat Cotton (Programme Leader BMus Performance and Production)
  • KT Forster (Programme Leader BA Creative and Professional Writing)
  • David Harvey (Programme Leader BSc Digital Product Development)
  • Denise Stanley (Programme Leader MA Creative Entrepreneurship)
  • Dave Wibberley (Programme Leader BA Music Industry Management)
  • Patrick Mitchell (Lead Student Representative)
  • Simon Feegrade (acting Head of Academic Quality and Programme Administration)
  • Darius Khwaja (Principal)
  • Donna Wright (OU Quality Partnerships Manager)

2 Programme Committees

Each programme has a Programme Committee. Each Committee is chaired by a programme leader and has a membership of academic staff and students. Programme Committees submit annual reports and action plans to the Academic Board.

3 Staff Student Forums

Staff student forums provide a formal opportunity for staff and students to discuss the continuous enhancement of the College’s programmes.  Forum membership consists of Programme Leaders together with elected student representatives. In addition, all students and tutors involved with the programme may attend.

Organisational Management

1 Strategic Management Group (SMG)

Led by the Principal, the SMG is responsible for proposing strategic objectives and related ventures to the Board and taking oversight of subsequent delivery.


  • Darius Khwaja (Principal and Chair)
  • David Cunningham (acting Head of Teaching and Learning)
  • Alan Hemsley (Director of Finance and Operations)

2 Senior Management Team (SMT)

The SMT is responsible for operational delivery against strategic objectives:

  • Darius Khwaja (Principal and Chair)
  • David Cunningham (acting Head of Teaching and Learning)
  • Alan Hemsley (Director of Finance and Operations)
  • Amy Fenton (Head of Admissions)
  • Simon Feegrade (acting Head of Academic Quality and Programme Administration)
  • Nick Granville (Information Technology)
  • Patrick Mitchell (Chair, Student Committee)

3 Operating Units

All staff within each unit meet regularly and provide progress and annual reports to SMT.

4 Student Committee

The Student Committee is the representative body for all higher education students at the College. The Committee consists of elected student members and is responsible for helping to monitor and enhance the wider student experience at LCCM including extra-curricula and social activities.

Academic Regulations and Policies

Quality Assurance

LCCM undertakes an annual review process which comprises 3 elements:

  • Institutional Overview
  • Annual Programme Evaluation
  • Annual Organisational Monitoring

These elements inform future strategic enhancement, short-term action plans and medium term objectives to continually improve the student experience at LCCM. Institutional Overview and Annual Programme Evaluation then form the College’s onward submission to The Open University.

Academic standards at LCCM are overseen and reviewed by a range of external bodies:

Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

LCCM has undergone a HER (AP) review for educational oversight by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and has received its final report, which is available in full here

Our action plan following our HER (AP) in November 2016 is available in full here

The Open University (OU) is the validating body for all LCCM programmes.

External Examiners

All programmes have a dedicated External Examiner to ensure consistency of assessment across the sector.  LCCM’s current EE’s are:

Ralph Salmins

  • BMus Music Performance & Production
  • Cert HE Music Performance
  • Cert HE Creative Music Practice

Prof. Venu Dhupa

  • MA Creative Entrepreneurship

Other Agencies

We have the following other designations and licenses: