MA Creative Entrepreneurship

Have you ever had an idea that could form the basis of a new business and that you would like to see succeed at scale in the real world? Designed and delivered by a team of experienced industry-based tutors and mentors, our postgraduate creative entrepreneurship degree will extend and enhance your current knowledge and skills, giving you the edge needed to found a lean creative startup or access a promising career as a creative leader.

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Course overview

In just 30 weeks our creative entrepreneurship master’s degree course will help you create an ‘investment-ready’ innovation, improve your creative and technical abilities, develop specialist professional knowledge, reach specific project goals and access relevant professional networks.

To achieve this, our MA programme is centred around three main strands:

Entry Criteria

A minimum of 1 year’s relevant experience and a bachelors degree (2.2 minimum) or 4 years relevant experience and a Level 3 qualification. Complete information is is available here on our entry criteria.

Specialist support

  • Professional Project Mentoring: You will have one-to-one support from a Project Mentor in the development of your project;
  • Personal Skills Mentoring: You will have one-to-one support from a Personal Mentor who is a specialist that will help you to develop and build the new skills you need or wish to develop in order to meet your MACE goals;
  • Creative, Innovation and Enterprise Community: You will have the opportunity to network with the CIE community; to experience London’s creative resources e.g. the Business and Intellectual Property Centre at the British Library and to collaborate with your peers across the college to pursue your project goals.

MA programme milestones

  • Term 1: proven concept, rough proto-type with sketch-book examples, likely contributors for your project and a clear sense of direction through the current creative industries landscape
  • Term 2: well-considered proposal, working prototype and best-fit strategies based on research carried out with potential contributors in a specific sector within the current creative industries
  • Term 3: market-ready proto-type with a feasible business proposal, evidence of actual and future customer engagement and a critical reflective account of your research, learning and performance throughout the Creative Entrepreneurship programme.

Why choose us

  • Personal, friendly environment
  • Industry-leading professional tutors
  • One to one personal and project support from a specialist mentor
  • Small class sizes
  • Superb facilities and resources
  • Access to Creative, Innovation and Enterprise Community in one of the world’s most creative capitals
  • Unique opportunities to collaborate with music, writing and technology students on cutting edge digital projects and creative startups

What you can do

Having joined our MA degree course as a composer, author, songwriter, technologist, musician or entrepreneur, you will graduate with the confidence, skills and contacts needed to launch your own business or work as a leader in startups or other fast-moving companies in the creative industries and beyond.

Entrepreneurship course tutors

Helen Reddington

Music industry researcher, musician and mentor
Module Leader

Austin Milne

Musician, consultant, practice-based researcher and lecturer
Module Leader

Denise Stanley

Musician, ethnomusicologist and creative industries education specialist
Programme Leader

Teaching and Learning on your programme

You will learn to develop and blend your knowledge and skills in creativity, innovation and enterprise through a project-led process involving action learning, action research and reflective practice.

The course consists of collaborative workshops and independent activities designed to equip and challenge you. These include:

  • One full-day group session per week (term-time);
  • Up to 20 hours of individual tutorials for mentoring sessions with high-level professional mentors;
  • A programme of exclusive community and networking activities.

See and hear more about what to expect on our MA Creative Entrepreneurship degree in the video below.

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