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11th Sep - 2018






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UK / EEA: £8,750, International: £14,750


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Programme Specification

Programme Specification

Have you ever had an idea that could form the basis of a new business and that you would like to see succeed at scale in the real world? Designed and delivered by a team of experienced industry-based tutors and mentors, our postgraduate creative entrepreneurship degree will extend and enhance your current knowledge and skills, giving you the edge needed to found a lean creative startup or access a promising career as a creative leader.




Entrepreneurship course tutors

Helen Reddington

Music industry researcher, musician and mentor
Module Leader

Austin Milne

Musician, consultant, practice-based researcher and lecturer
Module Leader

Denise Stanley

Musician, ethnomusicologist and creative industries education specialist
Programme Leader

Teaching and Learning on your programme

  • You will learn to develop and blend your knowledge and skills in creativity, innovation and enterprise through a project-led process involving action learning, action research and reflective practice.

The course consists of collaborative workshops and independent activities designed to equip and challenge you. These include:

  • Two 3-hour long group sessions held on two evenings per week (term-time);
  • One all day group session held on Saturday once in each term
  • Individual tutorials for mentoring sessions with high-level professional mentors;
  • A programme of exclusive community and networking activities

Why choose us

  • Personal, friendly environment
  • Industry-leading professional tutors
  • One to one personal and project support from a specialist mentor
  • Small class sizes
  • Superb facilities and resources
  • Access to Creative, Innovation and Enterprise Community in one of the world’s most creative capitals
  • Unique opportunities to collaborate with music, writing and technology students on cutting edge digital projects and creative startups

What you can do

Having joined our MA degree course as a composer, author, songwriter, technologist, musician or entrepreneur, you will graduate with the confidence, skills and contacts needed to launch your own business or work as a leader in startups or other fast-moving companies in the creative industries and beyond.


“This course was a course that I envisaged as interdisciplinary it brings in musicians to work with authors technologists and having the experience of testing all of that within a supported environment and a set of professional relevant with a mentor that’s one-to-one.”

Denise Stanley

Program Leader

“The thing I like the most about studying here is I think the people, I think the staff and my peers is a very encouraging environment a very positive one and I feel like sometimes with music it can become quite competitive and I don’t feel that”

Kathleen Fitzpatrick Milton

BMus (Hons) Performance and Production student

“I chose LCCM because the atmosphere was totally different to the other schools that I looked at, it was much more genuine seeming and the teachers were really friendly”

Sahil Batra

BMus (Hons) Performance and Production student

“One of the things that I like most about studying at LCCM is the teachers, great teachers, fun relaxed, realty experienced and they know a lot what they are talking about”

Benjamin Harrison

Cert HE Music Performance 1st year student

“My favourite thing about LCCM is the fact that having taught in a number of similar institutions, LCCM doesn’t have that corporate vibe that you get in a lot of the competition schools”

Pete Cater

Drum Tutor

“If you are looking for a place where you want to develop professional skills but also you’re very excited by the actual business of making music, LCCM is a good place to study”

Roland Perrin

Head of Piano

“I chose LCCM because it’s the most well rounded Music University in London. The facilities are fantastic, they offer one to one tuition which is really good and the level of teaching is really high”


Bass Course

“If you want to be at a school where performance, theory and just living music everyday of your life then yes I would recommend it”


Bass Course

“This is the best place to go. Unlike other places that have got classes of twenty to thirty people, with the one to ones its just you”

Frankie Colony

BMus Guitar course

“It’s been a hardworking year but I've learnt a lot and has been very inspiring”


First year piano

“Enrolling onto LCCM was the best thing I've done for my music career, you have to be in London to do music”


First year piano

“I chose LCCM because there's no other music course that I've discovered that goes in the direction. Here there is a big focus on the Horns of learning Jazz, Harmony”


BMus performance course - Trumpet

“I wanted to go somewhere where I felt comfortable. Teachers are very relaxed but meticulous at the same time, making you focus on your weaknesses.”



“You would want to come on this course if you are interested in working with musicians, writers, other people in creative media and creative industries.”

David Harvey

Program Leader

“We give you industry-led tutors access to professional organizations and networks that we are all part of”

KT Foster

Program Leader

“What I'm looking for in a Songwriting student is someone who’s got the drive and the passion to develop the kind of discipline of writing all the time, so that passion and that urgency, that need to create and express something in their songs is ideally the main ingredient we’re looking for”

Mike McAvoy

Subject leader in Songwriting

“We’re very into all sorts of music you know we’re not a rock school or a pop school we’re into everything we’ve had heavy metal bands, jazz bands and everything in between and again these make us quite unusual”

Darius Khwaja



Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Our MA provides you with a “start-up” environment where you can develop an idea into a viable business venture in the creative industries. To benefit fully from the MA you should:

  • be an entrepreneurial musician, writer, or technologist with 1 year’s relevant experience and a bachelors degree (2.2 minimum) or 4 years relevant experience and a Level 3+ qualification
  • have English language competency equivalent to CEFR Level C1 (7.0 overall, 6.5 in each category). If English is not your first language. 
  • be able to provide professional references, if applying based on your professional experience.

To apply:

Send your current CV and a written document of approximately 700 words answering one of the following questions:

  1. Describe and evaluate an innovation in the creative industries with which you have been involved. Provide a DVD or a web link to the innovation itself.  If available, a link to a website or blog that reviews this innovation would also be useful. Identify the genre, audience or market and any other relevant information. Examples could include: developing a new original product, a new service or creating a new experience, platform or network. Explain your own contribution to this innovation and summarise what you learned through your involvement.
  2. Describe and evaluate your expertise as a Content Creator for the creative industries e.g. composer, songwriter, author, writer, copywriter. If you have a level 6 qualification you should provide evidence of 12 months expertise. If you do not have a level 6 qualification you should provide evidence of experience for a period of 3 years.  Please provide a DVD or a web link to the creative content itself, and links to any reviews.
  3. Describe and evaluate your expertise as a Platform developer, programmer or curator and social network developer for the creative industries.If you have a level 6 qualification you should provide evidence of 12 months expertise. If you do not have a level 6 qualification you should provide evidence of experience for a period of 3 years.  Please provide a DVD or a web link to the creative content itself, and links to any reviews.


Our admissions team will invite successful applicants to either a group or individual interview, scheduled throughout the year.

The group interview will consist of:

  • Icebreaker
  • Short Collaborations
  • Constructive Positive Review
  • Career goals
  • Q&A

The individual interview will consist of:

  • Skills awareness
  • Role fluidity
  • Learning from experience
  • Career goals
  • Q&A

Places will be allocated against entry criteria on a first-come, first-served basis.

International Students

The same principles apply to applicants from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) however we are happy to conduct a Skype interview if you cannot attend the college in person. Specific details for International Students are available here.


Once you have received an offer, you can secure your place by completing the registration form and paying the £250 non-refundable registration fee. If you are an international student, we will assist you in preparing to apply for your visa.



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