Guest Talk with Andrew Walsh: Writing for Interactive World

Ever wondered what a writer does in video game development? How the craft differs from writing for other media? The ways to find a job in the interactive industry?

Award-winning writer and director Andrew Walsh is coming to LCCM to speak about his experience with writing in video game development. The talk will take place on Wednesday 13th June, 1pm in Ground Floor Classroom 2.

Andrew Walsh is an award-winning writer/director with credits across film, television, theatre, radio, animation and videogames. A man of many job titles, he has appeared as writer, director, speech designer, narrative designer, narrative producer, story consultant, script editor, motion capture director, camera director, voice director, story producer, story liner, story editor and once mysteriously as ‘t – by’ something which he can only attribute to being a tea drinking Englishman.  To date he has worked on more than seventy five videogames including Fable Legends, Nosgoth, Prince of Persia, Harry Potter, Risen, XCom, Shadow of the Beast,, Medieval II: Total War, SOCOM, LEGO City:Undercover, and Need for Speed : Most Wanted. His television credits include Raven, Emmerdale, Byker Grove and Family Affairs while his film work includes the English version of Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva. You can read more about Andrew Walsh’s work on his website.

Places are open to all LCCM students. To reserve your spot, e-mail with your name and year group.