Alumni Count Counsellor announce next EP ‘& The Friday Friends’ with their latest pop gem

Already described as a ‘multi-faceted pop gem’ by Clash Music, Count Counsellor’s newest feel-good single ‘Friends’ has us excited for his next body of work.

We caught up with our alumni Henry Counsell, the front-man and producer behind the project, to ask him a couple of questions about the next EP. He regularly gigs the project with his live band, Count Counsellor & The Collectors, who all met and studied at LCCM.

  1. count counsellor friends
    ‘Friends’ is now available worldwide

    We’re super excited to hear your new track ‘Friends’ and see it already featured by Clash. Could you tell us when your next EP ‘& The Friday Friends’ is released and how it compares to your debut, ‘&The Childhood Heroes’?

It will be released over the next coming months; this is a more developed body of work [than the debut] but at the same time it’s building towards an album. ‘& The Friday Friends’ has a lot more people involved behind the scenes doing subtle, friendly cameos; my guy E-man sings in the second chorus of ‘Friends’ and MEI and Raye sing backing vocals in most of the songs.

  1. Got any gigs coming up we can head to?

Our next gig is at the Camden Assembly in September. There should be lots to come before then…we do a lot of impromptu shows so keep an ear out to see if you can catch us.

 3. Tell us three inspirations for the new EP. What inspires you?

The first inspiration is the rise in our generation’s depression and anxiety, especially in my friendships. I try to make music that make music that makes people feel good ‘cause is so much in all fields of entertainment, news, daily life etc. that puts people down and I’m getting sick of it.

Secondly: great songwriters of our lifetimes like Elton John, Nina Simone, Mike Skinner, Alex Turner, Sampha etc. I love a good song so I try to put the song first in whatever I do.

Thirdly, anything I pass in my day-to-day life. There’s a great song by Donald Byrd called ‘Places and Spaces’ and I relate to that song a lot, just talking about the places and spaces I’ve been in.

Ooh, and worlds. I love different peoples’ worlds. That’s four, but hey.


It’s especially exciting to watch the journey of our music alumni as they start projects and release brilliant new records. We were very happy to welcome Count Counsellor & The Collectors back to perform at our Open Day in May, and we are really looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

In the meantime, listen to ‘Friends’ right here and check out our other notable alumni.