LCCM Music Industry Mondays

If you’re a young person looking for a career in the music industry, you understand that the right education and professional networking opportunities are key. We provide both. LCCM are proud to present Music Industry Mondays; a brand new series of six special events taking place on the last Monday of every month.

Get your head around the music industry

Starting January 2017, each event will focus on a different sector of the music industry and will offer keynote talks from leading industry figures, followed by a panel discussion and networking drinks. These events serve as brilliant tasters for the areas of expertise you’ll gather if you study our BA Music Industry Management degree.

Want a way in?

Music publishers, record company executives, marketing, tour managers, data analysts, product managers, playlist curators, pluggers, PR managers and more…

There are so many career opportunities in the music business, yet it’s one of the most competitive industries out there.

Our fourth event is coming up on 5th June at The Blue Tree Kitchen Cafe, Union Street, SE1 and will focus on the DIY Music & Independents.

Reserve your free place now and be the first to hear the latest updates on the live music industry and how you can become a key part of tomorrow’s live sector.

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